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Kidderminster, Worcestershire, West Midlands

Microblade Eyebrows Training Course

Microblading Training at Mandy Morris Training Acadamy for SPMU trainees in Worcestershire, West Midlands, Shropshire, Wolverhampton and Birmingham

Welcome to Mandy Morris Training


A Top Class SPMU Training Academy

Welcome to my SPMU training academy, I am Mandy Morris and I was one of the first Microblade therapists in the UK.  I first qualified in the professional application of semi-permanent makeup in 2006 having done my initial training and qualifications with one of the leading organisations in semi-permanent makeup “finishing touches”.

Over the years I have constantly invested in my own training and extensively researched all the latest methods. I have completed advanced training courses with Neavou contour, Dermace and many more expert training companies, as well as taking master classes with famous semi-permanent, makeup Russian Masters

With a wealth of experience and knowledge to share I have now created my Mandy Morris Training Academy. I offer the latest and finest micro blading training with a maximum of two students at a time so that you receive the highest calibre training.

I have always been passionate about my work and I am equally passionate about my training academy – You receive personal training in a small class for total attention, a  professional microblading starter kit, constant ongoing support and you will become a fully accredited and certified practitioner.

Prerequisites and Accreditation

This course is underwritten and approved by LMU Insurance and is available to:

All Existing Qualified SPMU artists.

NVQ level 2 Equivalent and above Beauty Therapists.

Medically Qualified Persons.

For Complete Beginners

Additional to the standard course you will be required to complete home learning for level 3 Anatomy and Physiology at an additional cost of £65

(Please note this represents approx. 70 hours learning.)

It is strongly advised that you also undertake a brow shaping and tinting course beforehand to improve your confidence and also offer your clients the most complete possible brow treatment. Please get in touch for more information on how we can help you.


History of Microblading

H&S – Infection control

Review of skin structure


Live Demonstration

Brow Draw8ng & Hair Strokes

Q&A Session



Colour Theory

Tools for Microblading Treatment


Brow Drawing

Microblading Practice

Choosing Correct Blades

Hair Strokes Drawing

Q&A Session and Home Work


Assessment of Homework

Supervised work on two models


Local Authority License


Marketing Your Business

Microblade Supplies Information

Q&A Session

After your work on models has been assessed you will be awarded your provisional certificate of Microblading proficiency.

Further to this after your training, you will be required to submit 5 case studies with specific criteria to be emailed and viewed for critique and feedback. You will need to buy your own insurance to complete your case studies which will be extended to full insurance after certification. This is essential for you when you start to do treatments on your own.

Return to Mandy Morris for a final half day assessment after case study completion.  Being in Kidderminster, Worcestershire we are ideally located for microblading trainees in The West Midlands, Shropshire, Wolverhampton and Birmingham.

Complete Microblade Course £1995.00 Inc VAT

This includes Three Full Days Training – Full Professional Microblading Kit
Final 1/2 Day Assessment – Fully Accredited Certification – Ongoing Support

Professional Kit Worth Over £350 Included

Your Profesional Microblading Kit Includes

Hand Crafted Golden Mean Caliper

4 Pigments

10 Sterile Single Use Handtools

50 Blades ( Microblading Needles )

2. Pieces of 3d Practice Skin ( Artificial Skin for Practicing )

Marker & Ruler for plotting form

Hairstroke Pencil


Why Choose Mandy Morris Training Acadamy

Mandy Morris Training Academy is UK insured to provide Micro-Blade training and you are guaranteed to have access to your own professional insurance on completion of training for you to legally and safely work after your training.

Because we send prior home learning to you before you attend our training course.
Because we reveal to you all the secrets you need to know to work the microblading method properly.

You to receive all the know-how you paid for and receive ongoing support after your initial training.

Your support is ongoing as we know the training is just the start of your journey as a microblade therapist.
Because not only are all your practise materials supplied during the training you also receive our superb professional start-up kit.

Because we have small classes so you receive dedicated attention – maximum 2.

What else would you like to know about our Microblading Training?

What is the total cost of the training?  The cost is £1995 including UK VAT. (A deposit of £495 secures your place)

Does this cost include a full start-up kit, pigments and everything you need to begin?  Yes it does

How much is the local authority licence? This varies drastically from authority to authority and not all councils have adopted local bylaws. There is currently no national standard for inspection or fees. In our experience, these fees have varied between £15 – £495. There are extreme variations and a general fee is in average £140 inclusive of premises and therapist. Both are licenced separately but are usually applied for together. The best advice is t contact us or your Local Authority for further details of cost.

Does the training course fee include treatment risk and public liability insurance? Our training includes your insurance for the practical work on the models.  Once you have completed our training and have been issued with your certificate from Mandy Morris Training Academy you will need to buy your case study insurance which will then be extended to full cover for your own UK Medical atheistical therapist insurance. The current cost for this is £236 ( inclusive of IPT) We will give you all the contact details upon completion of your training.

Our complete Microblading course costs £1995 and requires a non-refundable booking fee of £495 to be paid in advance to secure your place. This will allow us to prepare everything necessary for the successful execution of your training classes. The balance will be due 21 days before commencement of the training. We are located in Kidderminster, Worcestershire and perfectly placed for microblading trainees in The West Midlands, Shropshire, Wolverhampton and Birmingham


So here at Mandy Morris Training Academy, we will show you everything you need to get your microblading business started. Our training covers Health and safety legislation including local authority licensing. We also show you exactly how to insure your microblading business.

Our training covers spotting the contra-indications to microblading, understanding disposable microblades, sanitation and hygiene including bloodborne pathogens, anatomy and physiology.

We train you on how to give a professional microblading consultation we help you with your

pre-procedure documentation and explain all the legalities surrounding topical anaesthetics in the UK. You will learn about brow hair-growth patterns and the implantation of pigment with a handheld tool. We show you how to choose the right colour for your clients.

You’ll find out how the Fitzpartick skin groups affect the healed result. How to create an eyebrow template using the measurement band. How to style a brow for varying facial shapes and features. We’ll learn about undesirable eyebrow shapes you should always try to avoid.

We talk about the ways that skin heals after a microblade procedure and give you the best  aftercare advice to pass on to your clients – finally we cover the pigment fading process

How to refresh pigment for returning clients, pigment lightening and removal methods, how to deal with any problems and how to communicate clearly with clients. PLUS remember you will also benefit from our ongoing support, we are only a phone call away. If you are located in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, The West Midlands, Shropshire, Wolverhampton or Birmingham Mandy Morris Microblading training courses are easy to get to.

Book Your Microblade Course
£1995.00 Inc VAT

If you have any questions or would like to know more just give us a call
or drop us a line via our contact page

Let Us Help You Take Your Microblading Skills To The Next Level


Our new 1-day refined skills & troubleshooting course is specially designed for qualified microblading artists wanting to expand their skills. Whether you are struggling with Confidence, Colour retention, Hair stroke pattern, Brow design or Colour selection this course will be totally tailored to your needs and abilities. Students that have qualified with me or with other academies are most welcome.

This day course is designed to build your confidence and extend your existing knowledge in the art of microblading, it will be completely tailored to your individual needs. You will work on live models throughout the day in the areas that you feel need the most attention, this will be discussed prior to the course.

This is a fully bespoke 1 to 1 tuition which enables you to get as much benefit and extended skills from the day as possible.

Certificate on completion.

Ongoing support and advice.

The 1-day course cost is £495 Inc VAT

Our 1-day refined skills & troubleshooting course can be reserved with a non-refundable booking fee of £95 to be paid 21 days before your training. We are located in Kidderminster, Worcestershire and perfectly placed for microblading artists in The West Midlands, Shropshire, Wolverhampton and Birmingham

Refine Skills & Troubleshooting Course
£495.00 Inc VAT

If you have any questions or would like to know more just give us a call
or drop us a line via our contact page