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Semi Permanent Lip Liner Make up

Any woman can benefit from semi permanent lip colour, this treatment will give you a fuller pout and restore a youthful definition to fading lips. The young and adventurous may choose a bright bold lip colour but most clients prefer a colour close to their own natural lip colour perfect for every day but can build upon if need be, choose from a lip line to recreate shape, a lip line with blush ( colour blended through the lip line to create a softer line ) for those with lost volume in lips or a full lip tint, all of which will correct imperfections and unevenness and have a profound anti-ageing effect .

If age has taken away colour , shape and definition then semi permanent lip colour is the answer for you. Imagine having beautiful defined fuller looking lips that are the perfect colour for you 24 hours a day without even opening your make-up bag.  As we get older our lips shrink and lose shape, semi permanent lip colour can give your lips more definition by using colours that enhance your natural lips and recreate your Cupid’s bow. There are a wide range of colours to choose from, from soft natural peaches to ruby reds ,

Who chooses semi-permanent eye liner make up?

People who benefit from semi permanent lip treatment, Anyone wanting a fuller looking pout, Woman with lost volume and colour, Sports woman and athletes



Fabulous lip by Mandy Morris – Lip line £125, Lip line with blush £230, Full lip colour £300

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