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Semi Permanent Eyebrow Make up

Semi permanent eye brow make up is now an established beauty procedure, it also known as micro pigmentation and cosmetic tattooing, it is hypo-allergenic and there are no fragrances, it is widely used around the world and has proven to be a safe and effective beauty treatment as well as receiving medical approval the pigment lasts between 1-3 years depending on the colour used and your life style, although a yearly top up is recommended to keep colour fresh and vibrant.

Our clients range from 18 – 80+, whether you want a natural look to enhance your own eye brows or a more striking dramatic look , or maybe just to reshape your own eye brows if they are sparse or no eye brow hair at all, we will work with you to create your desired look to get eye brows that are perfect for you ,eye brow tattooing and shaping can make a huge difference to your face, the correct shape can frame your face adding expression, warmth and depth, also gives the illusion of an instant eye lift.

Imagine having beautiful eye brows every day that are exactly the right shape and colour without even having to open your makeup bag , throw away those eye brow pencils , We can reconstruct your entire eye brow shape by replicating each hair microscopic level through the use of eye brow tattooing

Who benefits from Semi Permanent Eyebrow Make Up?

Who benefits from semi permanent eye brows? Woman who suffer from alopecia, woman who want to correct asymmetrical eye brows, sports woman or athletes, people with poor eye sight, also those who are make up sensitive or are simply tired of pencilling eyebrows every day. Woman with sparse or no eye brow hair and men also benefit from these techniques.


What happens during the treatment process?

An eye brow procedure takes about 2 hours to complete, there is no need to pluck or shave your own brow hairs off before treatment, we will draw on the desired shape with cosmetic pencil, look at colours, skin tone, hair colour, discuss your desired brow whether it be natural hair stroke, shading, or a dramatic block colour,  When you are completely happy with everything we have discussed and the shape we have created then we start the procedure, you will need to come back 1 month later for us to fine tune your brow , this is at no extra cost to you

Semi-permanent eyebrow makeup Price £ 240, Top up if one session is needed £95 ( recommended ) Top-up if two sessions are needed £165,
Top up after 18 months £240

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